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My theatre journey has evolved through stages - hence the name Stage Five.

From local pantomime roles both on stage and backstage with the Rhydyscroesau panto group then on to local drama group The LADS. I had an epiphany on the Royal Shakespeare Company's Open Stages programme which led to a year of focused Director's training, still as part of Open Stages.  The fifth stage has been to form my own company.

Amateur theatre is the backbone of drama in the UK and can produce amazing performances even though no-one is paid for the joy and privilege of having fun while creating good theatre.

I wanted to create something more fluid than the existing groups.

Stage Five has no fixed rehearsal rooms or performance venues.  

The company for each production is drawn from a wide area and can include anyone who would like to have fun, work hard and be part of an ensemble. 

Age is no barrier.  Another inspiration for the name Stage Five was Shakespeare's Seven Ages speech from As You Like It.  The fifth stage is 

"... the justice,

In fair round belly with good capon lin’d,

With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,

Full of wise saws and modern instances;

And so he plays his part."

and so reaching the more mature fifth stage, as I have myself, and beyond, is no reason not to be part of something creative and fun.

So all from 18 to 80+ are welcome.

I  make no apologies for being a Shakespeare 'nerd'.  The more I learn about Shakespeare's life, language, the plays and the audiences, the more I love it 


I don't just want to stage Shakespeare.

I seek out clever texts, interesting plays, drama with meaning - and this is what I want to direct and stage.

I facilitate workshops bringing in the very best theatre practitioners from The Royal Shakespeare Company and other great dramatists.

I can give talks to WI or U3A groups about Elizabethan/Jacobean England and the Gunpowder plot or take a fun workshop for any amdram or WI group

as well as directing plays.

I hope you will join me as an audience member, to enjoy a play reading or come and be part of the cast or crew.


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Pam Johnson

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